Flowers for Kate

Internet People, Im working on a catch up post involving marathons, trail runs, home improvement projects and things in my life …. but my friend requested some garden photos pronto – so here ya go, Kate. Patio sipping tonight with Matt will also involve hummingbird photography! I love, love, love my life.


2013 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

This was my first hometown marathon and kudos to the crew that put this one on – it was coordinated beautifully – a few more porta-potties at the start would have been nice, but there were plenty along the course. And, as an additional bonus, the course was flat and the weather perfect. And congratulate Matt on his first marathon And Sister Runner Amy for her 18th half marathon! It was also nice because I got to meet up with runner and old high school friend, Jeremy, who ran the first five mile with us. A pleasant bonus. And when I figure out what number marathon this is for me, I’ll add that when I update again in a few days.




Life List

1. See the Pyramids of Egypt  |  2. Go Dog Sledding  |  3.  Take Kenza Camping  |  4.  See Aurora Borealis from Alaska  |  5.  Be conversational in another language  |  6.  Set foot in all 50 states  |  7.  Run a Marathon  |  8. Run a Dozen Marathons – Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin x 2, Chicago x 2, San Diego, New York |  9.  Throw a giant dance party  |  10. Have proper family portraits done  |  11. Write a novel  |  12.  Swim with dolphins the wild |  13.  Learn to play a musical instrument  |  14.  Learn all the features on my camera  |  15.  Hitchhike  |  16.  Be in a shark cage  |  17. Complete a triathlon  |  18. Complete an Ironman  |  19.  Celebrate Dorothy Parker’s birthday |  20.  Experience Weightlessness  |  21.  See the rainforest  |  22. Wear a bikini in Rio  |  23.  Run atop the Great Wall of China  |  24.  See Niagara Falls  |  25.  Get arrested  |  26. Karate chop a board  |  27.  Do an unassisted hand stand  |  28.  Make a difference in my community  |  29.  Learn to swim like a swimmer  |  30.  Own a home free and clear  |  31.  Write a huge check to a charity  |  32. Complete a 100 mile bike tour  |  33.  Visit the church made of bones  |  34.  Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower  |  35.  Create a cocktail for a menu  |  36.  Watch 50 meteor showers with favorite friends  – Perseid 2012 |   37.  Live in San Francisco  |  38.  Dress my dog up as a pirate  |  39.  Road trip across the U.S. with Kenza  |  40.  Visit a border town in Mexico  |  41.  Own a business  |  42. Sew a dress  |  43.  Have a beautiful rose garden  |  44.  Put someone through college  |  45.  Stay in an Ice Hotel  |  46.  Spend the night in a castle  |  47.  Be in a movie  |  48.  Go an entire day without speaking  |  49.  Run 50 half marathons – Indy Mini x 6, White Rock x 7,  Cowtown x 4,  Ft. Worth Half x 2, Texas Half x 3, Dallas 13.1 series, OKC Half, DRC Half x 3, Grasslands, The Hottest Half x 3, Heels and Hills Half,  Dallas Half x 2 |  50.  Have a wonderful time with my friends in Australia  |  51.  Finish my unfinished house projects  |  52.  Go Whale Watching  |  53.  Wine tasting in California  |  54. Invent a word and have it accepted into the dictionary  |  55.  Be happy with my weight  |  56.  Have a poem published  |  57.  Take a vacation without a computer  |  58. Go topless on the Riviera |  59.  Sing in front of other people  |  60.  Cook through a cookbook  |  61.  Summit a mountain  |  62.  Night swim with manta rays  |  63.  Take cooking lessons  |  64.  See the Perseid Meteor Shower in Wyoming  |  65. Climb a bell-tower  |  66.  Take Kenza surfing  |  67.  Become a wine sommelier  | 68.  Read all the books I attempted in high school  |  69.  Attend a ball  |  70.  Volunteer for a non-profit I love  |  71. See a space shuttle lift off  |  72.  Own a pet unicorn  |  73.  See the Olympics in person  |  74.  Go skinny dipping  |  75. Carve an animal out of a bar of soap  |  76. See an elephant in the wild |  77.  Go to a real Blues bar in Chicago  |  78.  Write a love letter  |  79.  Be the envy of Halloween costumes  | 80. Go white water rafting  |  81.  Understand how the government works in our country  |  82.  Own a taxidermy mouse that died of natural causes  |   83.  Hug a redwood tree  |  84.  Resign from a job I hate  |  85.  Knit a scarf  |  86.  Tour a volcano  |  87.  Tell everyone I love that I love them  |  88.  See the Mona Lisa  |   89. Get married and have it stick  |  90.  Make a font  |  91.  Gamble in Vegas  |  92.  Kiss a total stranger  |  93.  Build something that will out last me  |  94.  See Stone Henge  |  95.  Build an Igloo  |  96.  Run away and join the circus  |  97.  Learn to kayak  |  98.  Visit all 5 Great Lakes  |  99.  Try 100 cocktails or more.  |  100. Die  |  101. Run a gorgeous off-road 50 miler with Petra and Jeanne and then have beautiful food and wine while we overshare

Austin 3M There Half Marathon

I reckon this is going to be shortest race report in the world. What can I say other than it was cold, windy and miserable? I guess I can also say the all downhill course was awesome – I was very happy with my 2:11:12 time – not exactly where I want to be yet but faster than I’ve been running in a long while. Austin has some super cool places to eat and drink, the mothership of Whole Foods is amazing, and it was fun hanging out with my sister and friends for the weekend. I need to count to see what number in the half line up this is – somewhere around the 45th I’m guessing. The End. Oh, and I’m signing up for the Space Coast full marathon which is on December 1st.





Isle du Bois 18k

It’s been a long time between posts. So sue me. Or even better, Sumy.

Isle du Bois is officially my favorite trail race. Out of the two I’ve done, I like this one best. My most favorite thing of all, the trail runners. There is a nicety about these runners that I don’t always see at the mega road marathons. My friend Peggy had her first fall and everyone around us stopped to make sure she was good to go before they moved along. The happy, happy, joy, joyness about these races makes me smile.

This was a tough race – lots of sand, hills, rocks, roots and leaves covering everything. The mental and physical endurance was refreshing. We felt strong. We are strong. It’s a nice feeling.

It was a great race for both of us and is definitely on my schedule for next year. And I LOVE the race shirt. I always get excited with the long sleeve bamboo shirts. I’m easy like that.

I ordered two pictures, these are fun.



I did not order the following, but I almost wish I had. SRA says it looks like I’m trying to give myself the heimlich maneuver. It just makes me laugh. I’m easy like that.