Need Structure

I’ve been retired for only three days and I think I’ve driven everyone on my IM list insane. I’m not quite sure what to do with myself yet. I started a calendar and instead of a staff meeting at 8AM it now says bathe. I think that’s a good thing.

I’ve been filling my time doing exciting things like watching a bird chase a snake. Yes, a bird chasing a snake. It was all fun and good until it chased the snake into my garage and caused serious anxiety. While I don’t mind the bird having a little fun, I draw the line at snake juice in my garage. (No, I’m not sure what snake juice is, but I still don’t want it in my garage). While the enormous snake was seemingly scared of the scrappy little bird, the shovel I had to scoop it up with didn’t scare it at all.

Besides my Nature Girl adventures, I’ve had a slow running week. I ran five miles on Monday morning walking the last 2, and 5.65 miles today with the same tiredness. I have a twenty mile run this Saturday and I sure hope some of my energy comes back by then. I NEED a good long run.


  1. says

    lurve this pic!

    you need to put a thought bubble above the bird’s head with the caption: ‘big worm! BIG WORM!!’

  2. says

    Snakes are ok FROM A DISTANCE. When they are big and right outside of your home….that’s another story!

    Enjoy your nature girl adventures during your retirement!

  3. backofpack says

    Susan, um, stores are open during the day. And they’re not crowded. And you’ve mentioned that you like to shop. Forget nature girl, invite Shopper Susan in to stay. Consider becoming “a lady who lunches”. Meet all your working friends for lunch, talk about how you lounged about with coffee and the paper till you got ready for lunch, then about shopping after lunch. You’ll be a hit!

  4. says

    Take a few more days to read trashy magazines, watch snakes, and bathe. Then add something new to your calendar: staff meeting with yourself to plan a new adventure! That’ll get your energy up.

  5. says

    you can do my job and I’ll watch the bird and snake, oh and you could also update my blog can’t seem to get around to that.

  6. says

    “scrappy little bird”….You live in Texas right? You do know that’s a Mockingbird? Mockingbird’s fear nothing! That’s why they are the state bird of Texas.

    Good luck with your twenty on saturday.

  7. says

    Now why did you have to go and post that snake picture? I’m about to go out on a run and I’m sure every twig on the side of the trail is suddenly going to look very snake-like. Thanks for ruining my run. Okay – not seriously. But snake juice?? Eww!!

  8. says

    you retired?? you’re like, what, 35?? did I miss a post? what’s going on? can I retire? why am i always the last to know!! :)

  9. jkrunning says

    I say enjoy it. School will be out soon and there will be no peace on the homefront. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  10. says

    I was going to ask you when you were going to get in a 20 miler. Now I don’t have to.

    About the snake. If it is poisonous, don’t pick it up with your hands unless you have watched a few episodes of the Crocodile Hunter. If it is not poisonous, I say grab it by the tail and whip it into the woods. Or you can pick it up and toss it over your shoulder and let it crawl around on your head for awhile.

  11. says

    Yikes on the snake front. Amusing picture though. Hmm I am making it my goal to retire while I still look half as good as Runner Susan, oh wait it’s already too late for that. Tell us your secrets woman!

  12. says

    Looks like that bird is putting the fear of nature into his slithery friend… I wonder who wears the pants in that relationship.

  13. says

    What a great phase in your life to be – retired and trying to figure what to do! I can’t wait!

    Don’t blame the snake, the bird looks freaky.

  14. says

    it’s not the size of the dog, it’s the fight in the dog. that mockingbird had the fight.

    rowdy shirt and susan skirt are here, but are held hostage at the post office… you know, the govt office open from 10am-2pm Noneday to Someday.

    fun stuff to do on chat… find a stupid theme… watch it for a while. pick a comment and then highlight and copy it. wait. then paste it every few minutes… watch original person e-flip. when i was still in the states, i had a hard time sleeping. i have all sorts of ways to entertain oneself.

  15. strewth says

    I’m running a long run on Sat too. Yikes I hope I don’t come across any snakes. Enjoy your retirement – you are so lucky. You can now run at any time of day and not have to roll out of bed at some unearthly hour to force yourself out of the door. That 20mile run will bring back your energy. Enjoy!

  16. Kurt says

    Only in Texas! Good to know the snake enjoys hanging out at your house vice my house!

    We have a serpetarium (Sp?) with the deadliest snakes in the world here in my hometown. It has over 100 snakes and most are really cool (Cobras, mambas, vipers, etc). Lord help us if they ever get loose (we will send for your pet bird!)

  17. says

    ick. I hate snakes. Good luck on your 20 Saturday. It’s going to be raining….you know that right?

    Poor Susan, all alone at home and nothing to do… :(

  18. says

    Good luck with your 20 miler…I’ve done 2 and have 2 more before San Diego…they wear me out…my last one was on Sunday and I’m still not recovered!

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    OMG! That snake! I would be terrified.

    You need to eat some tater-tots for you run becuase really, it’s all about the tater-tots.

    Do eat a high grain, high carb meal tonight, though. And then tomorrow – tater-tots. Yum!

  20. says

    Sorry you’ve had some uninspiring runs lately. I’m sure Saturday will be wonderful!! Good long runs work wonders for our all around mental well being :)

  21. says

    That picture is totally funny. The sad part is, none of the bird’s friends will believe him when he tells about how he ran off a snake.

  22. says

    YIKES!!! What a freaky snake! I would probably have called to police or something to take it away!

    Let me know how to get that energy back. I’m trying to figure that out myself!

  23. says

    I think I would get a mockingbird on a stick and use it to scare the snakes away- that or pay the snake to follow you-that’s keep me moving.

  24. says

    Great photo! (I’ve never minded snakes myself… but I’m not like Rob or anything!)

    Can’t wait to hear about that llllooooonnnnggg run you’ve been looking forward to.

  25. says

    Am I glad there aren’t any snakes in Ireland!

    You really are cranking your mileage up, aren’t you? The first 20 miler is always tough, the secret is to keep going and going and going …. The second 20 miler is a doddle.

  26. says

    Retired …… don’t think a little snake is going to distract me from your retirement ….. you can’t say re-tired …. it’s too tired … say re-deployed … or re-directing … or re-something else

  27. says

    My running partner is trying to get me to change our run to Sunday as well due to the rain. I hate running long runs on Sunday because I need Sunday as a recovery day……we’ll see…..Have a good run!

  28. says

    You have to ID those animals! Especially being retired…look them up. I don’t think we have that bird in WA, unless it’s an emaciated Clark’s Nutcracker. And the only snakes we have that large are well…there’s a bunch…Rattlesnakes, Gartersnakes, Bull snakes…ya. So…I politely request positive ID’s…