Quick Updates

I ran bleachers this morning, rotating push-ups and tricep dips at the end of each row. I managed a quarter mile before my legs were quivering so hard I thought I was going to die. I then moved over to the track and gallowayed another 1.75 miles. And it wasn’t so bad, the weather almost felt cool at 82 degrees. Almost. I have to admit, walking away from the track with tired, tired legs is rewarding. Finally I feel like I accomplished a real workout. I’m on for more of this.

Food – f*cking frustrating. In two weeks, of which I’ve felt starving, I’ve lost .2 lbs. Less than a quarter of a pound. That sucks. Tracking my food intake is harder than running the bleachers. Some days I’m good, other days bad. I’m averaging around 1800 calories a day – which is okay if I get my workout in – which on most days I’m not. Bad Susan. I’m not giving up – it’s just a little frustrating. Kenza has been with me every step of the way and encouraging me with a “good mommy” whenever I eat a salad. She’s so sweet.

She’s also obsessed with taking pictures of herself with the iMac. But if you looked like this, wouldn’t you?