The much overdue Atalanta Skirt Review

It’s true, I’m involved with a bad skirt and it’s the hottest, smartest bad skirt your Momma warned you about. It is the Commitment skirt from Atalanta Athleticwear.

A while back, Heather Langendorfer, Atalanta Athleticwear’s CEO, sent me their Commitment Running Skirt to take for a spin. And boy, has it seen a few miles. Seriously, if I wear a skirt this long then you know it’s a good one!

What do I love about this skirt? Pretty much just about everything, but I have to confess my favorite part is the compression tights. They keep all the jiggly parts nice and tight! What’s not to love about that? The tights are also available in a variety of flashy colors like turquoise, orange and red, you’ll want them to be seen because they are hot!

I also love the pockets, which are large enough to hold your small amounts of fuel and a cell phone. And you get, not just one, but two pockets. The pockets have held up too, which unlike other skirts I’ve tried have ripped off after a lot of use or are too small to put anything worthwhile in.

The Commitment Running Skirt is available online at for $54.00.

Keep your eyes on the Complete Running Network because soon they will be publishing the much anticipated “How Cheeky is Your Skirt” video review!



  1. says

    Love the running skirts. Have to say our fav has been the The Original. All the same features just a cleaner look. They range from $40 – $70 for the FreeGym Girl or the Marathon. Nonetheless, glad we’re starting to see some girly pink skirty things in the running world! :)

  2. Lyn says

    Lucky one… wondering if you’ve tried the commitment skirt? Sounds like you work for skirtsports?

  3. says

    Love the skirt – I haven’t tried any running skirts yet, but I guess they are very similar to my tennis skirts which means comfy. Love the new masthead!!

  4. says

    That header is a keeper. If you ever change it, it won’t be your blog anymore.

    I live the skorts. My “new” Susan wears them and she’s a sharp and discriminating dresser. She shares the same appreciation for the compression shorts under a flattering skirt. I can’t relate but I like how it looks.

  5. says


    I haven’t check your blog for a while and woah..i love the new header.

    Thanks for the review on the skirts…i love that cheeky part :)…

  6. says

    All these skirts everywhere is making me really want to try one. I’m secretly hoping the Nike pacer outfits for San Fran will be skirts!

  7. says

    Lucky One is not working for SkirtSports. Just a mom, just a runner, just like Susan’s blog. My husband’s from Boulder where it all started so we have the original word up and wanted to share. Check for yourself – they both have the short – it’s just the SkirtSport doesn’t hang out from underneath the skirt. :) Price ranges are similar. Have fun!

  8. Lyn says

    Lucky One – as much as skirtsports likes to take credit for inventing the running skirt – these have actually been around MUCH MUCH longer. Just ask Kathrine Switzer who got so much grief for wearing them back in the 70s!!!

    Anyways. You should also try commitment – it’s a great skirt. I have tried the one from skirtsports and found the materials didn’t stay in place so my thighs still chaffed and I was always tugging at the waist band. Also, the pockets on commitment are MUCH better.
    just say’n

    (btw – the commitment isn’t actually supposed to hang out from the skirt either.)

  9. says

    are they made in the u.s.? i mean if they are, then fitty fo is okay. fair trade.

    and i’m really sad that you made no references to free to be you and me. i’m all about margot thomas as atalanta.

  10. says

    Designed and manufactured right here in the USA!

    ah ha! that’s the 54 dollars. to me it makes all the difference. i can’t buy from target knowing it’s not fair trade. and target (and its ilk) are ‘uglifying’ the u.s. landscape.

    it’s hard enough to run with no non-sweatshop shoe options, so i’ll kit out on apparel from small indie shops and know that someone got paid for sewing them.

    why didn’t you lift the skirt, you big chicken?

  11. says

    I’m intrigued. I have a Nike running skirt that I bought on sale for about $30, but the shorts part rides up into barely-covering-my-@ss position – i.e., not a great look for me.

    I want something where the shorts stay put, like my cycling ones do.

  12. lovin skirts says

    Target skirts…great for the gym…not for a run. Plus the target shorts don’t breath like the mesh ones do. The shorts ride up and stretch need good compression shorts for the long haul.

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