Painted Buntings

I took these photos through my office window this morning, although the window screen dulls the color a bit. You have no idea how excited I was to see the little painted bunting. I do realize that posting about birds officially makes me old and nerdy.





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    Hey Suzie!
    I don’t have your email or phone number with me. We are in Denver and are leaving tomorrow (Sunday). We are staying the night in Amarillo and then continuing to Denver on Monday. We could hit your place first, before we go to Garland. Does that sound good? I figure we should arrive in Dallas area in the late afternoon (we leave pretty early). When we leave we won’t have internet access until we get to Garland, so call me! 270-312-1916 (mine) or 270-300-5287 (James)

    Oh, and yes, I like the bird. :)

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    I love to see new birds, but I’ve never seen those here, and we are only about 5 hours apart! Send them my way, they are beautiful!

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    that’s pretty. nerdy is taking a photo of the painted bunting with pants hiked up to just below your boobs and wiping your schnoz with your sleeve.

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