1. says

    OMG. That is disgusting. When I was in AZ in April the friend we were staying with told us that she found a scorpion in her apartment the day before we got there! yuck!

  2. The Devil says

    I had a gecko in my house the other day…upstairs in my bathroom…that is one travelin gecko!! At least he didn’t try to sell me car insurance…

  3. says

    I am now officially a “shoe-by” something that mortifies my children, but I am so happy to wear water shoes when I am in the river, lakes or ponds. You just can’t see down there! I love Little MIss Sunshine too

  4. says

    I think I’m constitutionally incapable of living south of the Mason-Dixon line, and that’s part of the reason why.

  5. says

    The smaller ones are more painful if you DO get stung…be careful! (AND check your shoes BEFORE you put them on ’cause they like those dark places!)

  6. says

    WTF? Yikes! Was that in your house? Or yard?

    Usually I have to travel to the West Indies to get the pee scared out of me like that. Woo boy.

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