I need a therapist. Again.

Yeah, I know – I do girl push-ups. So what?!? I hate push-ups. Hate them, hate them, and hate them. I’d eventually like to graduate to real push-ups, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

This damn sinus crap won’t go away. I finished the antibiotic (mostly) and I was feeling better, but the headaches that accompanied the previous infection have recently and mysteriously returned. I’m lucky like that.

And now I’m a little freaked out because we watched the news the other night and there was a segment about a lady who had surgery for a brain tumor. But during the surgery, when they went to remove the tumor, they pulled out a worm. A real, live, honest-to-God, seriously a worm. In her brain. And it was moving. And still alive. And it freaked me out. Seriously. And she got it from eating undercooked pork. But that was good for the lady – because apparently, brain worm is better than a brain tumor. Who knew? But it’s bad for Runner Susan because she has a worm (all bugs really) phobia and is a borderline hypochondriac.

So you see where this is going? Michael didn’t cook us a good old-fashioned turkey on Thanksgiving; he made a lovely citrus-marinated pork rib loin. And it was tasty, but now I’ve totally convinced myself I have brain worm. And every time my head hurts I think I can feel it moving. And eating my brain.

more leg torture from Runner Susan on Vimeo.


  1. says

    Still laughing….in an eerie way. Waiting to feel brain worm wiggle. It could only make me smarter. “S M R T”

    Seriously though there is a good possibility that you may have nasal polyps. I have been there (still there actually) and it could accoutn for everything you are experiencing…and is fairly common. Can usually be shrunk with steroids and controlled with nasal sprays (2+ years of that so far) or removed from sugury.

    CAT scan revealed the extent of the sinus blockage and flooding – ewwww. Get a referral to see a ENT. GP’s, in the first couple of passes, will just medicate and move on thinking if something real is going on you’ll be back.

  2. says

    ewwwwy – I just watched tales from the ER or something and they pulled an earthworm out of this ladies arm – of course she had a huge open wound that was all infected and gross and she was homeless a little unclean. Anyway, I avoid pork and all raw fish because of the worm thing. Just wondering why a worm would go to the brain from the stomach….that means…oh forget it

  3. says

    I think that’s hilarious…not in a mean way, but in a “I know what you mean” kind of way…I had a bad cough one year when I was in nursing school that would not go away and I was convinced I had lung cancer….geez…

  4. says

    You know how people who laugh unexpectedly while drinking something sometimes blast the liquid through their nose? Yeah, well that just happened to me except I was eating a sucker. Now all I can smell is blue raspberry and I have a white stick sticking out of my nose.

    I see your brain work and raise you one Blue Raspberry Dum Dum Nose.

  5. Rachel says

    I would suggest never watching the show “House” (to which I am now addicted)…you’ll find so many more illnesses to befall you.

  6. carrie says

    Too funny.

    As for the sinus infection – they often need multiple cycles of antibiotics to get rid of them completely. Been there.

  7. says

    Toasty is now on the “undercooked pork” diet.

    I agree with Cindy – those were good push-ups, even if girly. What’s the pad on the floor for? The dips were good at first… Squats were good.

    Anyway, well done – you’re getting stronger!

  8. says

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  9. says

    Thanks for the laugh Susan. If I didn’t *need* to see my therapist, I’d let you have my appointment slot…

    but I have a mysterious headache today too. Now, you’ve go me wondering.

  10. says

    what the hell kind of newscast are you watching??? i’m over here watching the newshour on pbs, like the big brainiac that i am. no worms of any kind on THAT show, i can tell you.

    Please get in touch with gloria asap. she’s very interested in women with brain worms, who do girly pushups…

  11. says

    You’re too funny.

    Hey, you should come to epidemiology school with me. Things you never knew you never knew. After a while, you just stop stressing about any of it, and are damn glad to be alive today.


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