Solo Derby

Rollers aren’t as fun when you are doing them alone – yet, I’m so totally dedicated I did them anyway. My goal is to master the roller beast before Michael does and shame him at his own sport. I’m a good wife that way. I think I kind of got it towards the end. Except for the falling over part. I need to figure out a way to do a head on video, but until then this side view will have to do.

Solo Derby from Runner Susan on Vimeo.


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    Biking to Beyonce cause we all want her waist. You are doing good although you made me catch my breath a couple of times…thought you were going down.

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    Holy smoke balls I was nervous for you. What in the world is that thing?? I need to read that introduction post to it again. Looks like you were getting it there at the end. Maybe a saftey harness tied to the treadmill next time while solo.

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    i think i was so nervous that i won’t poop for weeks.
    didn’t you ever watch cartoons? rollers and ball bearings are not good on the floor.

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    You’re saddle is too low. Raise it and your control will be better. Right now you’re shifting your body to make room for your knees when they come up.

    Love the death grip on the treadmill. Did you leave a mark?

    You’re doing awesome. You are right you did have it at the end….because you relaxed. Your cadence slowed up and you bent your elbows a bit. With that came the control.

    If you master rollers you have an instant “in” with any hardened roadie.

    You have the official psimet seal of approval.

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    Are those Insideride rollers? I have never tried those, but heard they are really good. You are a machine. I like the one bike shoe/one running shoe. Go SUSAN!

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    Real cyclists ride rollers…they have been around way before trainers were invented-and are way harder!

    You are doing very well with this…would clip in pedals make your rotation smoother and easier? Just a thought…

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    rollers. wow, they scare me. i will stick with the trainer. i agree with Psi that you need to relax, which i am sure is hard with all that fear of falling over and whatnot. keep the vids coming.

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    I’m with Rinus and psimet on your saddle being too low. Try raising it 3-5cm – so there’s a slight bend at the knee.

    Anyway, nice cadence :) Very Lance. A fall to the right would have been spectacular viewing!

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