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Hi. Remember me?

I haven’t had much to blog about lately. I have been working out, I just haven’t had the initiative to put on paper – or, monitor, I reckon.  Well, until last night – I did 45 minutes of easy running followed by 6 x 400m at 2:04 – 2:20 with 30 seconds recovery and 10 x 100m at 18 – 25 seconds with 10 seconds recovery. It’s all good until you shorten my recovery periods. Five months ago that workout would have been easy – but not now, holy crap Internet People, – the speed work totally kicked my butt. I have so much catching up to do. What was nice is that I ran with 3 other people who were really fast, and that was challenging. I love the track and the speed workouts.

Video to come of the track workouts soon, but here are a couple videos from last week. The first video is the bike fit followed by a few pictures. I’m not sure if you can tell if the seat looks better or not, it feels better though. It was windier than windy too.

Remind me I need to get some spanky pants that don’t have that squiggly white line on them that make my thighs look like they belong to a water buffalo. The second video is just a portion of my leg torture from last Thursday.

Feb 6 Windy ride from Runner Susan on Vimeo.



squats feb 5 from Runner Susan on Vimeo.

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