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Hi. Remember me?

I haven’t had much to blog about lately. I have been working out, I just haven’t had the initiative to put on paper – or, monitor, I reckon.  Well, until last night – I did 45 minutes of easy running followed by 6 x 400m at 2:04 – 2:20 with 30 seconds recovery and 10 x 100m at 18 – 25 seconds with 10 seconds recovery. It’s all good until you shorten my recovery periods. Five months ago that workout would have been easy – but not now, holy crap Internet People, – the speed work totally kicked my butt. I have so much catching up to do. What was nice is that I ran with 3 other people who were really fast, and that was challenging. I love the track and the speed workouts.

Video to come of the track workouts soon, but here are a couple videos from last week. The first video is the bike fit followed by a few pictures. I’m not sure if you can tell if the seat looks better or not, it feels better though. It was windier than windy too.

Remind me I need to get some spanky pants that don’t have that squiggly white line on them that make my thighs look like they belong to a water buffalo. The second video is just a portion of my leg torture from last Thursday.

Feb 6 Windy ride from Runner Susan on Vimeo.



squats feb 5 from Runner Susan on Vimeo.


  1. says

    Oh, how I am craving to get out on the open road. As soo as temps are above freezing, the roads are clean, and it’s not windy, I WILL be out there… even if I have to LAYER up!

  2. says

    Windy as what Cindy? Position looks pretty good – seat’s not too low. If it’s comfortable, stick with that for a while.

    Short recoveries! Sprinters hate those. Looking forward to the track videos. Have they installed floodlights?

  3. IHateToast says

    your thighs are fine. can i cyberslap you?

    i couldn’t see the streamers on your bike. did you forget to put them on? what about the orange flag? and the cards in the spokes?

  4. says

    I think I Hate Toast’s idea of streamers and cards in the spokes is just awesome! I will bring the cards if you got the streamers. Great riding in that “crappy” wind!

  5. says

    I think your spanky pants look just fine and your pink arm warmers are delicious!

    I think you should raise the seat another centimeter. Your leg still has a lot of bend in it at the bottom as far as I can tell. Of course is it hard to tell because what we need you to do is ride sloooowly past Cindy while she films you from the side. Slowly.

  6. says

    Nice to see Susan!.
    For running i do never train my legs, because i train my legs when i run!.
    Susan, not so nice from my, but, are you afraid for cycle or to fall?.

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