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I’m wide awake, AGAIN. I’m giving this insomnia a few more days before I seek professional help. Whenever I see one of those commercials for Lunesta I find myself wishing that little green moth would jump out of the TV and land on my face. Then again, I don’t see why I just can’t keep taking NyQuil – except for the fact I don’t have any of those coughing, aching, sniffing, etc. symptoms. Picky, picky.

In other news I went to four nurseries today to try and find white petunias. I only needed 2 flats! Who knew it would be so hard. On the third trip to Home Depot, the Chef threatened to cut me off because the back of my car looks like this many, many times a day:


I’m already banned from the rock store. And I’m on my way to being banned from Calloways, but I really NEEEED these pots. Need. Need. Need.


They would look so good around the goat-sacrificing rock. Don’t you think? Yeah, me too. But Chef’s all like “we are already way over our landscaping budget and we haven’t even ordered the grapes.” Seriously, Internet People, I love the man and I’m grateful for everything we have and I’m fully behind the whole growing wine in our own backyard but I don’t think an acre of wine is going to put enough shoes in my closet. You know, the kind I don’t wear anymore because I’m always wearing rubber boots to work in the yard.

Speaking of which, I seriously need to work on getting some snake-proof shoes before we clear the area for the vineyard. I’m quite certain snakes could bite through rubber boots and I’m sure I’ll find many other scary things out there in the future vineyard area of our property. You know, the area that is going to replace the Chef’s former executive bastard salary. In. About. Five. Years. And. In. My. Dreams.

Budget is my favorite word. Really, I can be good at this. I can budget for a few years. Just like I can run a 3:45 marathon.

Okay, I think that is enough sleepless lunatic ranting and typos from me. I’m off to find the NyQuil because I have to take our Cherry Berry to the vet at 8AM and it’s all the way across Dallas. And driving in rush hour traffic with a 3-legged dog that can’t sit still is my most favorite thing in the world to do.


  1. says

    There’ll be a shortage of pinot noir grapes in 2015.

    Have you tried this? It looks fantastic on TV! Other home remedies – don’t drink any coffee, tea, cola etc within 5 hours of going to sleep. Have a quiet room – no TV, lap top or other exciting stuff.

  2. says

    I’ll buy a bottle once your vineyard is in full production. But it has to have a very pretty label. And, do snakes poop? I just thought of that…maybe because I too am reading blogs at 2:30 a.m.!

  3. says

    My husband has the same kind of can’t-stay-asleep insomnia. He wanted to buy a Sleep Number bed, but I suggested that before we spend $3K, that he might want to try some simple things. First attempt at a solution: a board to put under his side of the mattress, and the jury is still out on that one.

    Ultimately, I think it’s less about sleep and more of a stress issue … I hope you find a good solution!

  4. says

    Funny, funny, funny. Our nurseries toward the end of the season acution plants and trees off. I bought over 25 tress (from 2 foot pines to 15 foot willlow, ash) for only $400. Landscaping is a beast. Good luck with the vinyard.

  5. IHateToast says

    can’t you hide stuff? i have to hide my addictions from the Manboy. i pretend he doesn’t know about my problems and he pretends he doesn’t know, so we are very happy. you just need to get that stuff home and in the back without his knowing. he’ll just go out one day and say, “hey, we have a pretty sacrificial area. go by shoes for the occasion.”

  6. Keith says

    One of my buddies says that Nyquil is the best thing humanity has invented since fire. Most of the time I sleep better than that, but a cough has me rethinking it.

    Just found your blog from Runner Leana. Opened eyes wide at ‘goat sacrificing rock’. Had to read more. Did. Like it. Oh, and the snake that can bite through rubber boots is big enough that it won’t care what’s on your feet.

    I did a rock retaining wall, and a set of steps, but your rocks are bigger than my rocks. The patio and goat rock look great!

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