Front Garden – almost done

The Chef thinks I went a little crazy with the pink. I just don’t think he’s in touch with his inner pink side.

It’s raining today and I’m having some gardening withdrawal symptoms. Maybe I’ll take today to catch up on neglected items like grocery shopping and laundry.


  1. Rachel says

    You have to admit…that’s a lot of pink! Lovely, though. If I won the lottery, I think I would garden all the time! I really enjoy it, but don’t have the time! There would be tulips everywhere! 😉

  2. The Devil says

    The mulching looks particularly excellent!! hehe I moved 1/2 or so of rocks at my moms, so weight loss total for the weekend was about 3lbs…got any more gardening for me to do???

  3. iliketoast says

    i’ve been troubled for some time … why would an aussie be scared of a rock? …. still makes no sense to me

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