“What in the sam hell does this blog have to do with running? Just calling it a running blog doesn’t make it so.”

It still cracks me up, that is how one reader reviewed my blog on a Top Running Blog thing. It’s the best sentence ever written. I’m using the words SAM HELL in every sentence from now on. Sam Hell is not used often enough.

But to make things very clear this is most certainly not a Running Blog – it’s a Penis Blog.

With that settled, let’s talk about my entry way. The statue I waited 2 years to find is going back to the store today; it arrived stained and scuffed – which is unacceptable, so we picked out a new piece that I’m not quite sure about.  What do you think: Before on the left and After on the right? If you vote the correctly, I’ll let you see my penis.

notapenis figcarcus


  1. Rachel says

    It made me think of the log people as well…is that a strike against it???
    I remember Scout from “To Kill A Mockingbird” saying, “What in the Sam Hill are you doing???” when the little boy poured maple syrup on his roast and mashed potatoes. Have loved it ever since. :)

  2. says

    The sculptures in my house are made of mashed potatoes. They look like mountains too. Can’t stop building them….

  3. says

    I don’t know the sam hill about sculpture, but I’ll have a crack. 1 democratic vote for the wood carving. It’s huge, and huge is important for entrances.

  4. William says

    WHAT THE SAM, this is a running blog? I thought this was a shoe site. I choose the log. Very Middle Earthy.

  5. says

    while they both speak to me, the one on the left says “welcome to my exploded caulking gun” while the one on the right says “welcome to my warm, welcoming woody foyer” so I’ll pick the one on the right.

  6. says

    They’re both quite organic… it depends on what kind of statement you are trying to make. The one on the left is feminine the one on the right rustic. I would have to see more of the space they are in to make a decision. I’m guessing the one on the left is the one you sent back and the one on the right is the replacement. I would prefer not to see your penis, thanks for the offer though.

  7. says

    That person was awfully worked up about this blog – gheesh!

    I like the statue on the left (and I will take whichever one you don’t choose for my woefully empty house).

  8. The Devil says

    I like the one on the right cause I like how the lights make it look all evil. It that is the one you are returning, let me know so I can go purchase it for my foyer in hell…

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