Napa Valley Teaser

This is part of the elevation map Pamela sent me from our ride on Tuesday. The Napa Valley Bike Shop called this an “Intermediate” 26 mile loop. Well California cyclists, if this is intermediate for you, then I salute you! Because it was the equivalent of climbing a mountain and falling over a cliff for me. More on that later, but riding is awesome here. When I’m not fearing for my life.


And this is from the day I learned about the spit buckets, and why they are unfortunately necessary.



  1. The Devil says

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I miss Napa/Sonoma now…maybe I will go back next year. And I think you guys should move out there and take me along with you as Rowdy’s nanny!!!

  2. says

    Where’s the rest of the graph? That one has less than 20 miles on it.

    Ladies don’t spit.

    There’s an off color joke in there if you look hard enough.

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