Tour of Paris

The Chef and I rode the Tour of Paris, TX yesterday and it was so stinking stupid hot. I rode the 37 miles and Chef rode the longer route, 60 something miles. It was really fun to get away for a day together – although the last ten miles I seriously thought the skin was melting off my bones. Someone there said the heat index was around 117 degrees – that is just ridiculous – and even more ridiculous that we voluntarily rode our bikes for 2.5 hours in the stupid hot. Like I need more reasons to move to Napa. Anyone want to buy some radioactive property in the middle of nowhere Texas?

It’s also ridiculous that gas drilling has permeated my mind so deeply that whenever I see smoke, or pollution or anything – the first thing I do is reach for my trusty iPhone and make a video.  I’m not sure what this place is or what it does, but it was along the tour route and it was smoking so I instinctively did what I do best – fight crime while riding a bike – the multi-tasking talent just never ends.

Paris Texas from Runner Susan on Vimeo.

This is my favorite picture – Watch for “fog” on road:


  1. says

    Love your matching gear and the fact you rode in that incinerating heat. Good going girl (and Chef – 60M! Smokin’!). As for your obsession – someone’s got to care and I for one feel better knowing that you’re on the case out there in nowhere Texas. You can exchange with Boring, Lincolnshire anytime.

  2. says

    My daughter said it was ridiculously hot in Napa this weekend too…near 90, which I guess is better than 117 w/ the heat index. You two look very cute in mint green spandex.

  3. says

    Good to see you out there Susan. Your weather is a bit warmer than the TdF boys had on the Col du Tourmalet yesterday. There was fog on that road!

  4. says

    Looks hot and likes Egypt , ferry hot.
    The trip on the bike and you can see the dirt on the plant!.
    Have a nice wekend.

  5. Mike H. says

    Watch out, for the “fog” could be a propane/butane release from the local gas industry!

    I wish I was kidding, but it’s happened before.

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