Three weeks sans uterus

and a few cantaloupes and baseballs and I’m finally starting to feel human again.  Finally.  I still have some minor aches, but at least I’m not in constant pain. I’m up to doing some wine drinking, light gardening and in 3 weeks the running shoes come off the shelf and RS makes an appearance with her new super hero running legs. Keep your fingers crossed.

What did I do three weeks prior during my downtime?  The same thing everyone else trapped in bed and doped up on pain killers does. Shop online for shoes.  These cuties are coming this way soon:


  1. Jackie says

    Jesus h …. I check out of blog land for a few months and look what I miss. I had to go back to see what happened….I can’t believe that’s what they removed from you…yikes!!!! Glad it went smoothly and don’t rush the recovery….

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