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If you’ve been following me on facebook you know I’ve been in a bit of a makeover mood.  My most recent makeover is a pair of chairs I purchased for $50 each from a thrift store in Denton, TX that benefits Habitat for Humanity.  I really intended to reupholster them myself, but ummmm, I’m not that good – so, I had them recovered by Jay’s Upholstery, also in Denton.  They did a fantastic job.

Although, fantastic job on reupholstery = not so dirt cheap. But I’m happy with the results AND my purchase benefits a good cause. AND no one else has chairs like mine. AND I’m going attempt to reupholster an ottoman with a hot pink basket weave fabric to match. AND as a special bonus, I can’t currently look at the chairs because an itty bitty kitty is currently trying to shred them, so I have them covered with blankets. Not sure how long that will last, but at least I know they are cute on the inside.


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    They are fabulous!

    As for the itty bitty kitty: get several of those scratching thingies and a water spray bottle. She will learn where scratching is acceptable but it takes a while. In the meantime, keep the chairs covered because they can shred things in a nanosecond.
    TXsharon´s last blog post ..Morality in the gas patch?

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    Love those chairs!! I guess I’m relieved that you couldn’t recover them yourself because that would put you out of my league all the way, baby!

    I wish I had your eye. You are doing some amazing things with your do-overs on a budget.

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    These chairs really look modern now. I think they would perfectly fit in black and white interior. I have pair of old chairs, and you give me a wonderful idea what to do with them.
    Jenet´s last blog post ..Ant Chair

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