Isle du Bois 18k

It’s been a long time between posts. So sue me. Or even better, Sumy.

Isle du Bois is officially my favorite trail race. Out of the two I’ve done, I like this one best. My most favorite thing of all, the trail runners. There is a nicety about these runners that I don’t always see at the mega road marathons. My friend Peggy had her first fall and everyone around us stopped to make sure she was good to go before they moved along. The happy, happy, joy, joyness about these races makes me smile.

This was a tough race – lots of sand, hills, rocks, roots and leaves covering everything. The mental and physical endurance was refreshing. We felt strong. We are strong. It’s a nice feeling.

It was a great race for both of us and is definitely on my schedule for next year. And I LOVE the race shirt. I always get excited with the long sleeve bamboo shirts. I’m easy like that.

I ordered two pictures, these are fun.



I did not order the following, but I almost wish I had. SRA says it looks like I’m trying to give myself the heimlich maneuver. It just makes me laugh. I’m easy like that.



  1. says

    Thanks for posting Susan. I see your FB posts from time to time so know you’re still alive 😉

    Yes, totally agree about trail races and trail racing people. You wore the pink Frees! Hope you didn’t pick up too many pounds of stones.
    Ewe the Dewd´s last blog post ..You’ll find me at Stromlo

  2. says

    You should come run the trails in Wichita Falls the weekend of January 19th as they have a trail half marathon/marathon/50K on Saturday. Sunday the 20th the offer a road 5K/half/full/50K.

    Run on the Famous Wee-Chi-Tah dirt trail Saturday or the paved Wichita Falls Circle trail on Sunday. Either day choose from a Half, Full or 50 K run, Sunday we add a 5 K just for fun! The Full Marathon on Sunday is a Boston Qualifier

  3. cherylann says

    great photos….go do the Dipsea or Pikes or the G. Canyon. You will love those trail runs too I bet! congrats

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