About Me

My name is Susan. I am a runner. I love to run. I run to inspire my daughter and stay svelte for myself. I rarely, if ever, put my camera down. I take really bad photos.  I insist my left and right iPod headphones are in their respective ears.

I have a goal, to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I have an hour and fifteen minutes to shave off my time. (It’s okay to laugh.) That’s a darn lot of time, but I’m not in a hurry, and I have a few martinis to finish along the way.

I live outside of Dallas and work as a web designer with my sister, Amy, for the company we started called Sumy Designs. I represent the creative side of the Sumy team. This fact will impress you even more when you know I have a degree in English with a minor in Anthropology. (That would be the “art” in Liberal Arts). Amy represents the programming (read: brainy) side of Sumy. On the days we aren’t killing each other, it’s been a wonderful, even if I do have to remind Amy that, as older sister, I am always right. Amy runs too. I refer to her as Sister Runner Amy on my website.

These are the most beautiful girls in the world:

Kenza is repaying my birth-giving kindness by going through puberty. She’s beautiful, caring, smart and too witty for her own good. Our other girl, Cherry Berry, likes to eat furniture. I hope they both grow out these stages. Soon.

I blog to keep myself on track physically, mentally, and to ensure I do not spend all my money on shoes.

Because the girls grow:

You can email me at runnersusan at gmail dot com. I’m spelling it out because that’s how all the professionals do it.