Can you even dye my eyes to match my gown?

by Runner Susan on July 21, 2011

in Shoes

Do you think if I put them on and click my heels I could get some cool Autumn weather to match?


Three weeks sans uterus

by Runner Susan on April 30, 2011

in Full of Happiness, Shoes

and a few cantaloupes and baseballs and I’m finally starting to feel human again.  Finally.  I still have some minor aches, but at least I’m not in constant pain. I’m up to doing some wine drinking, light gardening and in 3 weeks the running shoes come off the shelf and RS makes an appearance with […]


Flowers and ruffles make me happy

by Runner Susan on December 16, 2010

in Shoes

So today I’m wearing flower shoes, flower belt, flower earrings and toting my flower handbag over my ruffliest sweater. It’s been a rough week and I’m trying really hard to beat myself into submission.


Toxic’s comment reminded me its been a while since my last wine review. Here’s one sponsored by Chie Mihara, my new obsession. (See previous post) I’m considering adding a section to my site for shoe reviews, whatcha think? Indecisive. I know, how odd. For some reason I remember liking the wine more the last time […]


Hook & Handbag Fest

by Runner Susan on March 12, 2010

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I may have gone a little crazy with the hooks, but something had to be done with the handbags. So hooks all over the world was the solution. If you have a better solution for the March 2010 Closet Reorg, I’ll be happy take suggestions. I’ve even made room for new spring shoes & bags, […]


17 miles and counting . . .

by Runner Susan on February 16, 2010

in Chef Michael, Family, Home, Martini Twins, Shoes

On Saturday my Chef and I loaded up the car and headed to Oklahoma. The plan: drive 3 hours, run 3 hours. And it happened just as so, and it was a spectacular 50-degree sunny day. If the weather turns out like this on race day, the Martini Twins are going to kick some serious […]