Not Gas-Related Blurry iPhoto Shoot

by Runner Susan on June 19, 2010

in Style

or, the day I declare my self and Anthropoloholic. Almost, not everything is from Anthropology. My friend Kathy made the necklace and I bought the Current Elliot jeans and black dress from her store, Denim Depot. I am working on a new system for shooting, I just haven’t figured out the new camera yet – […]


Fun with Daily Makeover

by Runner Susan on October 18, 2009

in Hair, Style

I know Internet People, I’m a bad blogger – so instead of writing something really awesome to make up for it, I played around on for a few hours. It’s hysterical, but I was pretty impressed with the application. The lipstick feature needs a little work, but the gloss and liner is pretty cool. […]


The Napa Collection

by Runner Susan on June 12, 2009

in Napa 2009, Style

I’m not sure what everyone is wearing in California these days, but this is what I’m wearing. And shut it. I know my closet is a mess.


I haven’t been giving good blog lately, Internet People. I’m not sure why, I just haven’t felt the love. My suspicion is that you guys are all cheating on me with Facebook, and don’t think I haven’t noticed. If the blog world goes under and crumbles, don’t blame me – there will be no stimulus […]


Anatomy of a Style

by Runner Susan on July 26, 2008

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Since I planned a spontaneous vacation to visit my family in Indiana and to celebrate my niece Harper’s, birthday, I had to cancel my hair appointment in Texas. Luckily, my old friend/stylist, Chris, that I used when I lived in Indiana over ten years ago was able to squeeze me in with Sister Runner Amy […]