Not Gas-Related Blurry iPhoto Shoot

or, the day I declare my self and Anthropoloholic. Almost, not everything is from Anthropology. My friend Kathy made the necklace and I bought the Current Elliot jeans and black dress from her store, Denim Depot. I am working on a new system for shooting, I just haven’t figured out the new camera yet – until then, it’s iphone pics for you.

Jeanne will have her fashion shoot posted tomorrow.

  • Belt – American Eagle
  • Blue with Gold Coin Heels – Chie Mihara (my all time favs), Amazon
  • Gray Strappy Heels – Fry, Anthropologie.
  • Brown and Fabric Wedges – Pink, Anthropologie
  • Brown Heels – Retro Donald Pliner, Nordstrom
  • Patent Black Peep Toe – Cole Haan, Nordstrom

Fun with Daily Makeover

I know Internet People, I’m a bad blogger – so instead of writing something really awesome to make up for it, I played around on for a few hours. It’s hysterical, but I was pretty impressed with the application. The lipstick feature needs a little work, but the gloss and liner is pretty cool. You can do it all, including accessories. I particularly love how you can slide the after over to compare your “natural” face to the “makeover” face.

What’s your favorite? I hope everyone is well and hope you had a good laugh one me!

Here is the before picture I uploaded:


Here’s me with long dark hair – half and full makeover:


Long and red:


Some of the 2010 Styles:





As Jennifer Love Hewitt:


As Debra Messing:


As Katrina Bowden:


As Gwen Stefani (only Gwen can be Gwen):


Facebook, Newtons, New Hair and Valentine’s Day

I haven’t been giving good blog lately, Internet People. I’m not sure why, I just haven’t felt the love. My suspicion is that you guys are all cheating on me with Facebook, and don’t think I haven’t noticed. If the blog world goes under and crumbles, don’t blame me – there will be no stimulus package for the blog world.

Moving on . . . so, just what have I been up to? Well, on Friday I got my hair cut. And if I remember correctly, general consensus was to NOT get the Katie cut. Well poopy on you – I made the cut and I love it. Abandon me for Facebook again and I’m going totally bald.


Speaking of abandonment, on Saturday I decided to ditch the bike. I tried and tried but after only six minutes and nine seconds my legs could not make the rollers work. I had nothing. I was enormously tired from running and riding on Friday. Being tired means I’m getting stronger, right? Of course it does. (See what I’m reduced to, Internet People? Answering my own questions. Thanks Facebook.)

Michael and I decided to stay home and cook instead of fighting the masses at the restaurants. I also promised the chef I would do my part. I even bought an apron and gloves so the chef would think I was serious about cooking. And indeed I was serious about being the sous chef, until the 4th glass of wine and then I got serious about giggling too much and made the chef mad so he kicked me out of the kitchen. All wasn’t totally lost; I made a fantastic artichoke bruschetta appetizer and strawberry custard dessert before my departure. We had some more wine, ate the red snapper, asparagus, and dessert and then I fell asleep on the couch. Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey!

I stayed on the couch until the alarm went off 4:30 the next morning. Oh my, that was early. Early and blurry. But have no fear, I slipped on the magical Newton’s and headed out into the 35-degree arctic temperature like a trooper. I ran slower than slow, but I finished all six miles. It was also the first time I’d taken the Newtons out for more than 3.5 miles. And I have to tell you – my right foot (aka fool) does not like the Newtons. My left foot is madly, madly in love – but the right was angry and numb by mile 4 and in quite a bit of pain by the end. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong, it feels like the metatarsal support on the right shoe is not fitting in the same spot as the left. Obviously, I still have some work to do on my form. Or maybe my foot is deformed.

It’s a love/hate relationship, this running stuff.

Anatomy of a Style

Since I planned a spontaneous vacation to visit my family in Indiana and to celebrate my niece Harper’s, birthday, I had to cancel my hair appointment in Texas. Luckily, my old friend/stylist, Chris, that I used when I lived in Indiana over ten years ago was able to squeeze me in with Sister Runner Amy during her appointment on Friday. I had no clue what to do, so I let Chris do whatever she wanted. It’s like Katie, but completely totally not at all and sort of a lot like the way it was before. It’s such long and arduous process, complete with catered lunch, adult beverages and ten years of gossip to catch up on.

hairbefore.jpg hairidea.jpg